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Increase sailing speed by 15%


Featherstream Propellers - Made in Britain by Darglow Engineering Ltd


FEATHERSTREAM self feathering propellers start at USD $2,050 for 3, 4 and 5 blades, including sail drive props. Made in UK with 3 yr. warranty.

Increase sailing speed with an automatic low resistance feathering propeller at a low cost. Prop diameters range from 12" to 24".

The FeatherStream Propeller is a simple solution to many problems that can be caused by fixed propellers. The propeller has a nickel aluminum bronze body, stainless steel 316 heat treated blades, an external pitch adjuster allowing for fine tuning the pitch of the propeller in less the 15 minutes.

When sailing the propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15-20% (compared to a fixed 3 bladed prop).

Benefits of a feathering propeller

  • Requires no operating system and fits directly onto the existing prop shaft.
  • Restricted apertures are not a problem. Normally if you can fit a fixed propeller, you can fit a FeatherStream.
  • No need for a shaft brake, the shaft remains stationary.
  • Greatly improved reverse thrust over a fixed propeller, it is as powerful in ahead as it is in astern giving less prop walk and outstanding close quarter's maneuverability.
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to be fitted. They are almost as easy to fit as a fixed propeller.
  • Easy maintenance, all that is needed is to inject grease once per season and change the zinc anode when necessary.

Featherstream propellers are manufactured by Darglow. With over 30 years of experience, Darglow took the brave decision in 2006 to continue to design and manufacture a fully feathering propeller in the UK when many companies were moving production to China or India. Featherstream North America is the sole distributor for Darglow in Canada and the United States.

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